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After pretty much a complete year on hiatus, we are back! Once again offering photography, floor plan and virtual tour services to the Columbia, MO market! Long story short, an architect filed a lawsuit against some Columbia MO Realtors claiming that they did not have the right to display floor plans online. As you can […]

Listing Season Is HERE!

What an awesome start to 2016!  At Sphero, we are in growth mode setting goals and slowly increasing the size of our team.  In 2015 we shot 199 homes (leaving me a little disappointed in which ever agent it was who skipped the listing that could have been 200, lol) however in 2016 we are […]

Connect Your Tours To Facebook and/or Twitter!

Every tour can be automatically posted to Twitter and Facebook Go to http://twitterfeed.com Sign up for an account. Step 1 Create Feed: Name the Feed (Anything you like) Enter Feed URL. What URL you ask? Go to your control panel or one of your recent tour control panels and look for the “View All My […]

New SPHERO Pricing!

It’s been an AWESOME several months we’ve had promoting Sphero in Columbia!  There have been a ton of ups and downs and 2 definitive moments when I nearly gave up because of a lack of interest.  It literally took 45 days of cold calling and 5 office meetings before I sold my first tour but thanks […]

Sphero Is Hiring!

Sphero is a virtual tour company based in mid Missouri that offers interactive floor plan virtual tours for real estate.  We are a creative & technology company with a niche emphasis in a multi BILLION dollar industry. We are looking to add a Columbia based member to our team.  Flexible schedule makes it ideal for […]

UAS Update

I wanted to share a link from yesterday’s congressional hearing about UAS in Washington. I eat this stuff up but it may be like pulling teeth for others to watch. Long story short it seems like Congress is fairly supportive of commercial use of small UAS. Also evident from the hearing is how LOST the […]

Under Contract!

We’ve been hitting the streets over the past couple months and we have now done 24 tours between Columbia and Jeff City.  We did our first tour in Columbia back toward the end of November and several of the homes with our tours are already under contract!  Take the power of Sphero with you to your next listing […]


Something that’s become obnoxiously common in real estate photography is the use of HDR gone bad…  HDR stands for “High Dynamic Range” and as cameras have gotten more and moore powerful, it no longer requires someone handy in photoshop to destroy the lighting dynamics in a photo.  Here is an example of an awful HDR […]

Commercial Use of UAVs

I have hesitated to speak publically about the commercial use of UAVs out of fear that the FAA will target me or attempt to fine my business.  However, I have drafted the attached letter and I have tagged the state and congressional representatives for our area in my social media postings about this post.  I […]

Going Viral!

I’ve mentioned before, the mansion Christy and I listed last week.  The response to the virtual tour has been amazing, our tour has been accessed nearly 4,000 times in just 1 week and it was shared on www.OldHouseDreams.com where the listing has had OVER 6,000 facebook interactions!  This was all done with ORGANIC (aka FREE) […]