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Quick Photography Tip #1!

I’ve always been hesitant to share all the “secretes to my success”, but today is your lucky day!  Ultimately photography is art and not everyone will have that “special touch”.  For the rest of us, simply following a few rules of thumb will help you take better photos and sell more real estate! Photo Tip #1:  The […]

New Gadget Day At Sphero!

We got a new toy in the mail today that we are very excited about!  We have always taken special care in taking top notch photography but today we got a new ultra wide lens that we can use to shoot our tours and still shots.  We couldn’t use our old fisheye lens we use […]

Sphero Is Coming!

We are in the process of revamping our virtual tour business to bring it to surrounding markets.  Currently we offer our services exclusively to Advantage Real Estate in Randolph County but beginning in October, we will be offering our virtual tours non-exclusively to agents in Boone County. Not only will we offer our tours to a new […]