UAS Update

I wanted to share a link from yesterday’s congressional hearing about UAS in Washington. I eat this stuff up but it may be like pulling teeth for others to watch. Long story short it seems like Congress is fairly supportive of commercial use of small UAS. Also evident from the hearing is how LOST the FAA is. My understanding is that Congress can pass legislation and “bypass” FAA regulatory process which I believe is our best hope. Especially after hearing Mr. Williams from the FAA speak about where they are in the process (NO WHERE). If any of you have a connection at the congressional level I urge you to reach out and BEG them to bypass the FAA’s process and get this industry off the ground once and for all. If the FAA doesn’t like that then congress could pass legislation to defund them, that would be better, right? If you are not convinced that this is what’s best, please watch the hearing. It is very educational.

Here is the video: