Connect Your Tours To Facebook and/or Twitter!

Every tour can be automatically posted to Twitter and Facebook

Go to

Sign up for an account.

Step 1 Create Feed:

Name the Feed (Anything you like)

Enter Feed URL. What URL you ask? Go to your control panel or one of your recent tour control panels and look for the “View All My Tours” link (you must have more than 1 tour) The link will not be there if you have less than 1.

Select the one that says it’s an RSS feed.

Copy the URL from the address bar.

Add this URL into TwitterFeed to end Step 1.

Step 2: Connect social networks:

Select service you want to Feed. Twitter, Facebook.

Authenticate New Account using TwitterFeed interface (You can then turn the service off at any time through your Twitter or Facebook account)

Add another service if you like.

Click All Done!

That’s it!  All of your tours will now post to Facebook and/or twitter.