Something that’s become obnoxiously common in real estate photography is the use of HDR gone bad…  HDR stands for “High Dynamic Range” and as cameras have gotten more and moore powerful, it no longer requires someone handy in photoshop to destroy the lighting dynamics in a photo.  Here is an example of an awful HDR photo:


At first, you might think it looks cool, almost like a painting but if you think about it, the best realism paintings mimic photos.  Purposefully making a photo look like a painting is really ruining a photo.  The low lights and the highlights are what our brains use in a 2d image to assess depth and even identify the “focal point”.  You don’t want someone’s eyes drawn to the clouds in the photo of the house you want to sell.  You want them to see the house.  Like anything though, something you are not used to seeing will draw peoples attention but beware, HDR is proven to cause viewer fatigue.

At Sphero we “touch” every photo.  Not only do we make sure that every photo we take is composed and exposed properly in camera, we also use the software Lightroom to maximize the visual impact of every photo we take.  Many times we do adjust or increase the dynamic range in a photo but we try to make the photo look as naturally awesome as possible.

Dynamic Range is a very good thing in photography but many of the examples of HDR you see in Real Estate prove that there can be too much of a good thing!

Happy Selling,
Shawn Ames