The Power of SPHERO!

Yesterday, Christy and I listed a 100 year old mansion (my wife is a full time realtor and I am bi-vocational, selling real estate in Randolph County and running Sphero).

As a part of our listing strategy we built a Sphero Tour for the listing and shared the tour strategically on social media.  We did no actual paid ads but shared the link on 1 old home thread, the sphero facebook page (which we do for ALL tours) as well on my personal page.

I’m trying to make a living selling these virtual tours but even I was blown away by the response to the tour.  I published the listing less than 24 hours ago at 2pm on November 25th and now, 21 hours later this is the result:


You can view the full and current stats at this link:
(By the way, every Sphero Tour includes access to these same stats for your tours plus a detailed client panel.)

Here is what happened to just my personal post on Facebook:


As a frame of reference, the population of our community is pretty close to 13,000 so it’s safe to say that this tour has reached 10% of our community in under 24 hours.  Sphero Tours teamed with a basic social media presence could EXPLODE the reach of your marketing. (I’d be more than happy to give any one of my clients a quick social media consult for free!!!)

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Happy Selling,
Shawn Ames

UPDATE!!!!  1/15/2015

Here is an update of the traffic as of January 15th, 2015: